About Us


Discover the extraordinary.
Live outside of your comfort zone.
When we see the world we learn new things, create new memories, and uncover more about how we really are.
You change the world by being true to yourself, but experiencing new places is ultimately how we find out what that truth really looks like in the first place.
Nudi Travel was created to be the catalyst for your own self expression.
Through our thoughtfully curated collection and accessories we’ve created a place to stay true to who they are.
Passions need to be cultivated. They require attention and time. They deserve you at your best.
When it comes to seeing the world, you’re at your best when you look and feel like it. Helping you look good, feel good, and stay that way is at the heart of who we are and what we do at NUDI.
From travel bags to watches, portable phone chargers to luggage tags or just a comfy t-shirt cute and sexy bikini’s that lets others know you’re serious about self expression and fashion, we’ve got you covered with everything you’ll need to make your journey a successful one, wherever it may lead you.
NUDI is your hub.
A home where you can express yourself!
Change the world by being who you are and experiencing all that this world has to offer.
And no matter where you are in your journey, we’re going with you.